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Take a talent healthcheck to assess your baseline . 

Whether you wish to diagnose your approach to talent acquisition, talent management, workforce planning or your end to end strategy, we can help assess your data and review and audit your talent processes, tools and systems.  We will work with your teams to benchmark your approach against competitors and market leaders.



Work with us to design a program to solution your talent challenges.

We work in partnership with you and your business to design custom approaches to help meet your needs.  From talent pipelines to internal learning pathways and brand campaigns, we can help create multi-faceted creative action plans to support you in delivering talent results.



Don't have the skills to implement? No problem!

We can support you with implementing and embedding the changes needed to make real lasting long term improvements whilst delivering fast results to meet your talent needs.

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Introducing our founder


I'm Charlie Milne, I'm the Founder and Director of 6it.  After many years of helping major corporates to solve their talent problems I'm dedicating my time to help design the right solutions to meet your talent needs.  

I've delivered measurable results for a number of Australian household names as well as building  international functions from the ground up.  I've mentored start ups, designed for greenfields sites and amplified mature talent models.

I've put in the hard work to build expertise so that I can help you get rapid informed results.

To see more about my history and connect please click below.

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Why 6it?


The name "6it" represents our passion for rising to the challenge and belief that there is always a way to succeed.  

It is derived from a quote in Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass:

"There is no use trying" said Alice; "one can't believe impossible things." "I daresay you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as 6 impossible things before breakfast"

We have first hand experience in making the impossible, possible; whether it is smashing audacious diversity goals, enabling blitzscaling growth in record timing or delivering service excellence on a shoestring budget!

We thrive on the challenge of delivering above and beyond your expectations.

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6it Breakfast Club


 We believe in connecting and supporting our community to amongst both talent and business professionals, finding ways to unite like minded individuals to connect on advancements in the talent industry covering topics exploring the future of our workforce.

Charlie personally has a passion for helping to support women to build confidence and grow successful careers that blend with other life commitments and values.  

We will be launching a number of events connecting talent communities and supporting those looking to return to work later in the year.

To register your interest in forthcoming events email: charlie.milne@6it.com.au

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Read our insights on all things talent through our blog.

Our first blog considers the motivations of job seekers, more to follow soon.

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Updates about 6it in the news

Coming soon:

Read about our progress in the news with our official launch.

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"Without a doubt Charlie Milne is one of the most commercial thinkers in the Talent industry. She is also creative, dynamic, forward thinking and fun. Charlie will help you and your business to stand out from the crowd in a way that current and potential customers and employees find exciting."

Alex Coward - Founder@ The People Factor

More Testimonials


Lee Martin Seymour - CEO - Xref

 "Charlie is an ambassador of change and is always seeking opportunities to innovate. Her team are passionate about governance, best practice and finding ROI via efficient use of technology. Charlie is a pragmatic and results driven team player who sets the pace within the enterprise HR & Recruitment sector."

Nate Phelps - Director Talent Acquisiton - Criteo

 Charlie is what I would describe as a Recruitment & Workforce Planning tour de force. Her ability to listen to, absorb, interpret and articulate solutions to issues facing the modern workforce is truly impressive, as is her ability to engage with stakeholders at the most senior levels. She is able to set a clear vision and devise effective, realistic plans to ensure it is achieved. First class all the way. 

Nick Di Lodivico - Head of Strategy and OD - Telstra

 Charlie is a results orientated, highly busy savvy professional with a deep understanding of core business drivers and measures. Charlie has an excellent knowledge of Workforce Planning and has delivered successful strategies to ensure the best business outcome. Charlie is approachable, friendly and a pleasure to work with; her opinion is highly regarded amongst others as is her work ethic. 

Tracey Lake - CPO - Credit Union Australia

Charlie's tenacity and drive to deliver results is exceptional, as well as her ability to passionately lead her people to solid business outcomes. She creates positive energy within both the team she is supports and the leadership of her own team, and is lot of fun to work with. She invests time in understanding and appropriately leveraging networks, peers and industry trends and is someone I would have no hesitation in recommending.